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Happy Friday ladies and gents!!

I must say this month has been so amazing already, and very productive. I spoke at my first event for 2023, Saturday, January 7, and my topic was VISION! If you purchased my book, Wealth Funded By Faith, you know I discuss the importance of having the RIGHT vision, how to properly write the vision, and how to steward the vision. I really enjoyed the event and I want to thank everyone for the great feedback, but I give all credit to the Holy Spirit because He helped me with that message, so I give Him the glory. I'll be uploading that message to YouTube next week, so make sure you subscribe!!

Next, I launched my new mentorship program Wealth Funded By Faith, and we had our first class, on Jan 9, 2023 I'm honored to serve all 51 women who have signed up. I also want to thank my partner Dr. Kenya for doing an amazing job pouring into the women. This class is for 5 weeks and registration for next month is open on our website for those who want to signup.

Also, Dr. Kenya launched Kingdom Elevation University, where we taught our 1st class on 01/10/2023 and it was so goooood! Registration is still open for this school, you can contact Kenya for enrollment or book a consult here. KEU WEBSITE

Lastly, yesterday I had an interview with Morgan Tracy J because she selected me to be her expert leader for the month of January in her Social University group. I must say I really enjoyed pouring into the women and helping them birth their babies(ministries). If you do not follow Morgan, she has a powerful ministry called His Daughters Closet, and you can follow her on YouTube(she has over 80k Subscribers) and Instagram. She has helped me become fearless by encouraging me with her blogs, emails, and GlowUp videos. Follow Morgan Here

My word for you today is to have faith! Faith means Forward, Action, In, Trusting, Him. If God has told you to do something or if you are believing God to move, just have faith. Faith is a currency in the Kingdom of God and the Bible says all you need is the faith of a mustard seed. Do you know how small a mustard seed is? I pray that in this season God removes the spirit of doubt and increases your faith and trust in Him!


Wealth Funded By Faith™ is a 5-week mentorship program to help kingdom men and women live a wealthy, prosperous life, God's way. We help our clients identify their purpose, work on their purpose, and obtain the vision God has birthed inside of them.

Here's what this course will teach you:

  1. Biblical Principals to help you become wealthy in life and in the marketplace

  2. Learn how to increase your faith and obtain divine favor

  3. Get a breakthrough in your mind and heart

  4. Guidance on discovering your identity & purpose

  5. Learn the Power of Vision & How to Properly Write It

  6. Learn how to identify, eliminate, & Overcome distractions

  7. Learn the Power of Prayer & Fasting

  8. Understand how to Master Your Money & Time

  9. So much more...

If you have questions, book a 15-minute ONLY discovery call!

If you haven't already, subscribe to my YouTube channel and join Funded By Faith Private Facebook Community. Also, invite someone to join the community!

Love you all,

Keyotta Rene

Write the Vision, Work the Vision, and then Believe in the Vision Hab 2:2-3

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