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"You are not going to become the person you want to become in life by accident, you have to start living on PURPOSE. You have to Pray, Plan, Prepare, and Pursue the life God has for you!!

  Keyotta Collins is from Baton Rouge, La and is married to Andre' Collins Sr. and they have a blended family of nine children. Keyotta Collins is an empowering woman of influence that wears many hats. She enjoys being an kingdom life coach, mentor, intercessor, and teacher of God's word. However, her favorite job is empowering and pushing others to walk in their purpose.

  Keyotta attended Kingdom Entrepreneurship University, Adult Christian Formation Institute, and Shi’s Consulting where she got much teaching, and a degree in Financial Literacy and High Impact Discipleship. She also received her life coaching and mentorship certification from Destiny Training Academy from Dr. Faith Wykoma.     


   Keyotta gives credit to the Holy Spirit for being her biggest teacher, director, and equipper. He has helped her establish Keyotta Collins Coaching, Royal Kingdom Publishing, Royal Kingdom Women Academy, The Topic, and Funded By Faith™ . Keyotta’s desire is not only for others to identify their purpose, but she wants to partner with individuals, so they could be delivered, healed, and set free by restoring them back to Christ.

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Founder | Certified Life Coach & Mentor | Prophetic Intercessor

Who is THE REAL Keyotta Rene Collins

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Some of my story: I got pregnant in the 12th grade months before my graduation. Many thought I was going to be another statistic, but deep down I always knew God had better for me! So, I worked hard finished school and graduated top 4 of my class. I would of been top 3 but I made poor decisions and failed my internship class the first semester.

After graduation, I went to college immediately. I was offered to go to many schools across the world, but because I had a poverty and scarcity mindset I settled with Southern University. Nothing is wrong with that school but I had the option to go wherever I wanted! Anyway, I didn’t have a car so for the first year I caught the bus and walked faithfully!! Big and pregnant I was determined to not quit!!

I went to school full time while working 2-3 jobs to purchase a car and provide for myself
! I didn’t come from money, so I had to work hard for everything! I bought my first car and used that same money to get my drivers license. I never ask anyone for anything, matter fact all my friends came to me then for counsel lol .

Fast forward, the same girl who came from poverty, who many counted out, has assisted many worldwide with getting out of their pits!! Now I’m the founder of The Topic, television show, the founder of Funded By Faith™, and I'm proof that your current situation doesn’t define you!

How many children I had never stopped me, coming from poverty didn’t stop me, people rejecting me didn’t stop me, enduring physical and verbal abuse didn’t stop me, abortion didn’t stop me, car getting repossessed didn’t stop me, losing everything I worked hard for in one day, didn’t stop me!! 

Once you get free and delivered from people, submit to God, and change your mindset, you can accomplish anything!!

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