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SOW A SEED! (Updated Link)

Men and women of God!!

Royal Kingdom Women Academy is a ministry that was created in January 2021 to teach women their identity and train them on how to live like royal women. Not only did we teach women worldwide, but we assisted them with housing, rental assistance, utility assistance, gas, and other funding. We also helped many of them with resume building and job assistance.

Then God expanded the vision and changed the name to Funded By Faith™ which is a faith-based business that cultivates and assists others in achieving their goals. We believe if God gave you the vision, then He will fund it. We assist our clients with identifying their purpose, working on their purpose, and birthing their vision.​

Services we offer:

  • Education on Time Management

  • Goal Setting

  • Stewardship of Finances

  • Resume building/Job Search

  • Leadership skills in the workplace

  • Credit repair and building personal & business credit

  • Homebuying Process/Realtors

  • Education on how to build Generational Wealth/Family Legacy

  • Parenting Classes

  • Business Education/Registration Our vision is for 2 times a month to be able to use funds to feed the needy hot meals, and 1 time a month to visit foster cares to mentor the youth. We have already started feeding the needy in Baton Rouge, La and it has been a blessing. Right now we are collecting items to donate to Bishop Ott shelter.

We also help our clients through our free 5-week virtual mentorship program where they get powerful teachings, weekly assignments, and group accountability coaching on how to obtain wealth and be prosperous in life God's way.

Today, we still have the vision to help more people. Help us expand by donating. Our impact allows us to touch hearts around the world and change lives!!

Some of our current projects: getting 501c approved and helping a man of God with building funding to start a local church.

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