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Be True To You

Be passionate and true about who you are, and who you want to become. I am Keyotta and I am passionate about the things of the Lord. I love prayer, reading my Word, teaching and having Bible Studies with my children, encouraging others in the Lord, managing money (I lovee math), attending women's events surrounding Christ or entrepreneurship, etc.


I realized there are many things I'm passionate about that bring me joy. Then there are those things I just do not like being around and I don't enjoy doing everything. I had to realize it is okay for me to like what I like and choose to be around the people and things I want to become and what serves my purpose.


I want to become a wife, mother, and person, who influence those who want better out of life. I want to give them hope that it is possible to serve God FOR REAL and He will give them abundant life if they do it HIS way. I want to show others you can be the LIGHT in a dark world. You can be Holy and righteous just like Christ!


So, because I know what I love and who I want to become, there are people, places, and things I can't associate myself with. Especially in 2024 and the years going forth. There is a saying birds of a flock, flock together. Who are the people around you? If you hang around alcoholics, that is what you will eventually become.

What are you passionate about? Dig deep and find out what makes you happy. I was talking to a friend, she might read this email LOL. I told her my sister didn't like doing hair and she said I DON'T EITHER. The problem is my friend is a hairstylist, so I really pondered on what she said.

Why do something you are NOT passionate about?


What brings you joy? Who do you want to become? You might not look like that person just yet or it might seem impossible, but if you depend on God and surround yourself with people on the same path as you it will help you on your BECOMING JOURNEY.


Right now I'm not always kind and I'm easily aggravated, but I know if I hang around people who are patient and loving, their light will rub off on me and help me. I don't want to hang around people who curse or gossip because I'll be the next one cursing and gossiping.


In this season I challenge you to work on Becoming and be passionate while doing it. Set the boundaries, do the work, and expect God to do the miraculous.


Reply to this email with who you are, what are you passionate about, and who you want to become!!!


 PS I'm off social media for a month. I love being off so much, that I may stay gone longer LOL. Share this with a friend or have them subscribe for more encouragement.


With Love,

Keyotta Rene' C.

Need a church home? I attend The Example Apostolic Ministries in Baker, La. Services are on Sunday at 11 am. Join us!!

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