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Are you tired of being stuck in life and not knowing what you were created to do? Or are you tired of lack and dealing with poverty and debt? Or maybe you are just struggling with your relationship with God. If you answered YES to any of these questions, I'm ready to help you!!

"If you do, what you've always done, then expect to get, what you've always gotten." Keyotta Rene Collins

Hey, I'm Keyotta

I grew up struggling most of my life with understanding who God was and why He created me. I battled with my identity and the spirit of rejection heavily!! Once I developed a genuine real relationship with God, I begin to learn more about Him and He taught me more about myself and why He created me.

I learned God has put gifts & talents inside all of us to help us fulfill our PURPOSE or Kingdom assignment! Therefore we all have an assignment while on this Earth. Do you know what your assignment is? Do you know what your gifts and talents are?

If you don’t know your purpose, then we will be happy to assist you! You won’t be truly fulfilled in life until you are in a position and doing the work that God has created for you to do!!

I’m the founder of Funded By Faith™ and we help our clients identify their purpose, work on their purpose, and reach the vision God has birthed inside of them. 

Have you birthed what God has called you to do?


Our mission is to empower, educate, and encourage others to walk in their God-given purpose and thrive. We are here to PUSH you into PURPOSE and help you walk by faith!!


Our vision is for everyone to be able to FLY, to take flight, and have the liberty to do whatever God has created them to do or be in life without restraint. Do you know, who or what is holding you back??

I was once held back by fear, procrastination, depression, limited thinking, wrong relationships, and dead end careers. Once I decided to stop doing things my way, and I decided to no longer live for people but for Keyotta and God, my life changed! I totally surrendered to God's way and accepted His will and plan for my life. Do you know God has a plan just for you?


We help our client's identify that plan through our 5-week successful virtual mentorship program, Wealth Funded By Faith. There you will get powerful teachings, weekly assignments, and group accountability coaching. We also offer our 1on1 Coaching sessions for those who need monthly boosts and real accountability. We also have our VIP club the Wealthy Women Society, where women come together once a month to share a wealth of information, grow mentally, spiritually, and financially. While also networking, making new friendships, and building their lives, families, or careers.


Lastly, we have a lot of Free online teachings, a free Facebook community, Funded By Faith™, and we provide community service to the less fortunate and those in need.  Check out our Google and client reviews

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"My Goal is to help women increase their faith, boss up in their lifestyles, and become Bolder Believers." 

Here's what this book will teach you:

  • Biblical Principals to help you become wealthy in life and in the marketplace, God's way

  • You will learn how to increase your faith and obtain divine favor

  • You will get a breakthrough in your mind and heart

  • You will get guidance on discovering your identity & purpose

  • You will learn the Power of Vision & How to Properly Write It

  • You will learn how to Identify, Eliminate, & Overcome distractions

  • You will learn the Power of Prayer & Fasting

  • You will understand how to Master Your Money & Time

  • So much more...

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