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You Need Power

"However, this kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting.” Matthew 17:21

Have you been struggling this year with somethings in your life that have caused you to not complete all your goals, be stagnant, procrastinate, and so much more?

If so, don't be ashamed because that was me as well! Yes, I got a lot of things done, but if I could be transparent, there are somethings internally that caused me to not accomplish everything in a way that pleases God. Like completing some projects, the day of, and not setting boundaries or sticking to my schedule.

I realized it's so easy to blame others and our surroundings, however real maturity in Christ is when we no longer play the victim, but we acknowledge our shortcomings and work on doing better.

Some of you might be thinking, well that's who I am. What if I tell you, that's NOT who you are, but what you have accepted and settled with!

I always thought that I worked better under pressure, when really that's an excuse for not being a better steward of my time. I always thought, I had to live and deal with certain people, but that was an excuse because I didn't have the guts to cut them off. I always thought that I didn't have value to bring but really that was a fruit of me battling with self-rejection.

What are your limiting beliefs? What are you saying to yourself that's keeping you stuck? I challenge you to do the hard work of looking at your life this year and ask yourself what you could have done better or differently.

I know so many people who think they need deliverance, but they only need DISCIPLINE. Then there are people who have been struggling with patterns and generational habits because they need DELIVERANCE.

There is a story in the Bible when Jesus did deliverance on a little boy, and He told His disciples that the lunatic spirit or unclean spirit, only came out by prayer & fasting. Some of you need to go on a fast before the new year because the things you are battling are spiritual and you can't just pray them away. I encourage you to watch my video above.

Most importantly, there will NOT be a New Year, new you, if you don't get a new mind! What does that mean? You need to renew your mind if you want to see results and breakthrough! The best way to do that is finding scriptures that challenge your beliefs and replace your lies with Truth.


Do you know what you are called to do? Do you know who you are?

On January 9, 2023, I'll be teaching my next mentorship program and my main job is to Push You into Purpose! Registration is open and limited seats are available. You want to start the New Year off right by getting in alignment because it will set the trajectory of your entire year! For more information, click the link or book a discovery call.

Until then, I'm launching an eBook, that is an extension of my mentorship program to help kingdom men and women live a wealthy, prosperous life, God's way. Stop listening to people who make promises to make you rich. Being rich and being wealthy are different! Being rich and being wealthy are different! Being rich and being wealthy are different! Did you get it?

Purchase the eBook, so you can receive the keys to the kingdom and become wealthy in 7 areas of your life! The eBook will be available in December. Until then, download our Girl, Get Up Workbook for 31 days of self-discipline.

Until then, are you ready to get clarity on what God has God you to do? Or do you need strategies to make a change in your life? If so, let's talk! Book The Prophetic Push, 1on1 session, during this session, we will ignite your thought process. Our goal is to discover what's holding you back, help renew your mind, uproot fear, set boundaries, rebuild you up, and help you discover your purpose.

If you haven't already, subscribe to my YouTube channel and join Royal Kingdom Women Academy ASAP. The name will be changing this week, so signup NOW!

Also, check out my new YouTube video and subscribe. Be looking out for new videos every week. Search under the name: Keyotta Rene.

Rene means rebirth, reborn!

Write the Vision, Work the Vision, and then Believe in the Vision Hab 2:2-3

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