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Trusting God When It's HARD

It's so easy to trust God when life is good, but what about when life gets hard or when it doesn't make sense. Can you trust God during tough seasons?

Some of you may know my testimony, but January 2022, I was fired or laid off from my job during our home buying process. Actually, I quit because I decided that I didn't want to make a permanent decision for a temporary job.

My work from home job required us to get the Covid vaccine before a certain date and after praying, I didn't get the clear to get the shot. Matter of fact, I had gotten the revelation it was time to actually focus more on ministry and my business. I knew for months before my last day of work that God was telling me that my season was up there.

It didn't make sense because we were about to close on our first home and the requirements where you needed to stay on the same job, submit check stubs, and bank statements. Well, God gave me instructions and after following His instructions, those qualifications didn't apply to me!

I was able to close on a 5-bedroom home, brand new construction with no job or bank statements March 9, 2022. When my realtor and others didn't believe or doubted, I trusted God because He gave me a WORD. His word was a covenant!!

If you know God, then you know He doesn't break covenant! I also had to remember there are 2 parts to a covenant.

Watch my YouTube video where I go more in depth about trusting God when it doesn't make sense, covenant, and Noah's obedience.

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Talk soon,

Keyotta C.

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