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Things Can Change Suddenly!!

This month I have been hearing about Queen Esther more than usual. So, just like you guessed, I decided to fast because I took that as a sign from God to go on an Esther fast. During the fast, I decided to read the book of Esther, even though I’ve read it many times before. However, this time something stood out!

I realized that Queen Esther’s uncle Mordecai life changed SUDDENLY! While the Jews were in the middle of fasting, praying, and worrying about what the King had just decreed, God had already made a way.

Mordecai was a Jew and one day while sitting at the king’s gate, he overheard or discovered a plot of the eunuchs to put the king to death. Mordecai exposed the plan, and his services were recorded in the king royal chronicles.

There was also a man name Haman, who had one of the highest positions in the king’s court that Mordecai refused to bow down to. Haman was furious and planned to hang Mordecai and execute all the Jews.

One night the King could not sleep, in other words, God gave him NO REST, and he asked for his book of recorded royal chronicles. He realized that Mordecai was never compensated or awarded for his good deeds. So, the king ended up RAISING Mordecai to a high rank and the Jews were delivered from destruction.

God gave me the revelation that just like Mordecai position changed SUDDENLY, He can do the same for others. Some of you are in seasons where it looks like the enemy is winning, but God is about to turn it around SUDDENLY!

The KING, our GOD, has a book in Heaven and He knows all our good deeds! In Psalms chapter 1 it talks about the righteous man will bear good fruit in the RIGHT season! It also says the righteous shall PROSPER!

Prosper: to rush, to advance, make progress, succeed.

Are you righteous?

I encourage you to trust in the Lord and get your eyes off the natural and look at your life spiritually. If you are having trouble hearing the Lord, then fast!! A good chapter to read on fasting is Isaiah 58 because it gives instructions on fasting God’s way and not man's way.

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