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O B E D I E N C E : compliance with an order, request, or law or submission to another's authority.

Can I be transparent? October 16, 2020, I went to a Women's Conference, @theiamhermovement, that I was not planning on attending this year for whatever reason. However, a close friend invited me to go and I didn’t want her to be alone, so I went. I got there, texted her, and waited. She finally texted she wasn’t coming. I thought REALLY I only came so she would not be alone! So, I started to just focus! From the time I walked into this conference till the time I left it was a Divine Appointment! God had SET ME UP!

No one knew I was praying and fasting all week about some generational strongholds, personal problems, and for a divine alignment. From the songs, to the speakers, and dancers God ministered and spoke to me so clearly. Over the loud music, He stood out! He had gotten me in the place He wanted me to be! Again, God had SET ME UP!

There were words that was spoken that caused me to receive an immediately breakthrough! Things that I was battling internally and mentally God Himself removed! During worship I felt angels all around me and I heard them chanting my prayers that I thought didn't matter all around me. I heard, I cover myself with the blood of Jesus in the name of Jesus and I sanctify your tongue with the blood of Jesus, and so much more. My body and tongue were tingling and it felt like fire all over me.Then, something was removed immediately!!!! I then was able to HEAR what the spirit was saying.

I heard, ”You have been doing your will, but now it's time to do what I've called you to do! I need to be OBEDIENT and listen. Don't move to fast and don't move to slow, but get every step and direction from HIM. I need to Trust God, no matter how it looks, but trust Him. Plus other stuff. It was amazing and even that night someone I didn't know said, ”Baby, you have gotten heavens attention.” Also, a lot of other things but I won't mention.

So, don't y'all know the minute God speaks to us, the devil comes to try and manipulate the Word? I was on a spiritual high for a while after that and God downloaded so much in me. I set off to do those things, but My Will was knocking at the door. The thing He told me to put aside, I started slowly picking back up because I SEEN other people still doing and pursuing these things, so I thought maybe I was tripping. Maybe I interpreted what God meant wrong😂.I literally started getting every reason in my head to come against the Word I heard so clearly.

I started praying Lord just give me another sign 🤦‍♀️ and tell me AGAIN what you want me to do. Now, how many times have we done that? Lol

Tonight, I was on my first Clubhouse podcast and it blessed me. I was reminded of keeping the Main thing the Main thing and obedience. I even found my note that I wrote at the conference sitting on my bedroom floor! It was exactly what God told me! It was dated and I noticed at the top it reads, Record What Happen.

I wrote all of this to say, when God tells YOU something trust Him only. Don’t look at what the person to the left and right doing because He didn’t tell them. Don’t listen to the lies of the enemy because he will try and pervert what God said to trick you into disobedience! I fell for that trick but God is so gracious He put me in the right place Again to get me back on track!!

What is God saying to you today? What did He tell you, that you have forgotten? Pray, repent, and get back up! Love you lots!!

Yours truly,

Key💞 aka the backslider, was blind but now I see Lord 🤗 😂

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Leunda Webster
Leunda Webster
28 déc. 2020

😇 it’s definitely time to start being obedient to GOD.... I backslid a gajillion times and yet he still by my side telling me to do his will he didn’t give up on me and he gave me a sign this morning....☺️ ITS TIME !


Marilyn Palmer
Marilyn Palmer
25 déc. 2020

That was an awesome testimony. Being Obedience to God


Keyotta Collins
Keyotta Collins
16 déc. 2020

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