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Multiple Streams Of Income

Today I was reminded of the importance of having multiple streams of income. I can testify that since I've started having multiple streams of income it has been a blessing, but it was a process. I used to struggle with the poverty mindset, and I always thought my only way to make it in life was working a 9 to 5 job in corporate America. See, I always knew I was good with working for others, but I never knew or imagined that I could use my gifts for me. One day I was on lunch break, and it was around noon and I had seen people riding bikes and just enjoying life. I wondered then what it would be like to have that freedom.

See, many people want the money or begin entrepreneurship for the material things, but me, I wanted the freedom. The freedom to schedule doctors appt as I please, go on vacation and not worry about getting denied PTO, spend time with my family more, and the freedom to live the life God wanted for me. Do you know it all started with my mindset? Once I begin to believe that I could have those things then I begin to pray and ask God what my gifts were. Do you know, my gifts were already in me, but some were just lying dormant? Yes! Some of them I used daily at my job like scheduling appointments, administration, and loving our patients. However, some of my gifts needed stirring and me being in the right environment or me getting more education. Don’t be afraid to invest in yourself!!

What streams of income are lying dormant in you? Do you struggle with the poverty mindset? If you answered yes and you want to make a change today, then schedule a free Breakthrough call to see if I could help you.

I’ll be sharing more of my testimony and story, so stay tuned!

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