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Make Room

Have you made room for what you've been praying about? ~Keyotta C.

This weekend I finally decided to clean out my closet and dressers! Not only did I throw away clothes, but I gave away clothes, shoes, and merchandise that no longer benefited me in the season I’m in. The previous week, I went shopping with my new designer to purchase some new wardrobe’s for where I’m headed in life and for my new job description, CEO of Royal Kingdom Publishing. Since I didn’t clean my closet out ahead of time, the new clothes sat in bags and in a corner for days because I didn’t make room for them.

I had been praying telling God I wanted to go shopping and I wanted to step my wardrobe up because I wanted to look like royalty, and a CEO at the same time. I wanted people to look at me and see a woman of class, integrity, and a BOSS. I prayed and God connected me with an amazing young woman, Mrs. Danielle, who offered to help me bring my vision to life. I must say Danielle did a great job! I was able to find clothes and accessories that will make me feel confident, turn heads, and I will attract the people I desire to work with.

However, when I got home, I realized I had not made room for what I had prayed for. I guess I wasn’t expecting it to happen so fast! I had prayed for something I never made room for! This is very important because many of us pray for things, but God can’t release it because we are holding on to the old. Ask yourself, what or who are you still holding on to? What are you praying for God to do in your life? Lastly, have you made room for it?

Another thing I kept praying for was a deeper relationship with the Lord. He gave me the revelation that a deeper relationship requires sacrificing more time with Him. So, yesterday when I planned my week, I scheduled an entire day dedicated to spending quality time with Him. Each Thursday going forth will be quality time with Him! I had to make room if it’s something I truly wanted to do. So, I utilized my Trello board and began to organize my to do list.

So again, I ask, have you made room? If you enjoyed this make sure you sign up for our monthly emails, follow us on social media, and tell a friend.

Love you,


CEO Keyotta Collins Coaching/ CEO Royal Kingdom Publishing

“We are birthing Royal CEO Women & Writers”

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All I can say is Wow I really Luv the Message Thanks Again For the Words of God An The Incougement So Proud of You Keyotta Keep up the Good Work I Needed This

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