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Do You Want To Be Wealthy?

Wealth Funded By Faithis to help kingdom men and women build and live a wealthy, prosperous life, God's way. The reason we are stressing God's way is because the Word of God says, "There are many devices in a man's heart; nevertheless; the counsel of the Lord, that shall stand."

Proverbs 19:21 KJV

That means there are many plans in a person's heart or mind, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails. Prevail means to prove more powerful than opposing forces, and be victorious. Therefore, you can have all the plans you desire, but if they don't line up with the will of God then they will not prosper. Since we are building wealthy, prosperous lives, our goal is to make sure God is the foundation. Then we teach you how to build and live on the foundation that guarantees success.

Wealth is defined as strength, might, efficiency, ability, power, and riches. It also means an abundance of valuable possessions or money.

Here's what this book will teach you:

  • Biblical Principals to help you become wealthy in life and in the marketplace, God's way

  • You will learn how to increase your faith and obtain divine favor

  • You will get a breakthrough in your mind and heart

  • You will get guidance on discovering your identity & purpose

  • You will learn the Power of Vision & How to Properly Write It

  • You will learn how to Identify, Eliminate, & Overcome distractions

  • You will learn the Power of Prayer & Fasting

  • You will understand how to Master Your Money & Time

  • So much more...

Last day to signup for the mentorship program is 01/01/2023!!

*The book is mandatory for all students that signed up!!*

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