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Do It Afraid

This month I noticed I had a lot of things I never accomplished on my to do list. I realized it wasn’t that I didn’t want to get those tasks done, but with some of them I either didn’t know where to start, I let fear cripple me, or I was simply procrastinating. Either way, all those excuses slowed me down from moving forward and hindered me from moving to the next level.

So, guess what? I decided to attack those tasks head on, and I did it without hesitation! Like anyone else, there were some tasks where I didn’t know where to start, and for those I utilized Google and God. I read articles on sales tax, business NAICS codes, and I prayed for wisdom, and because of this, was able to fully understand what I needed to do to complete those assignments. I even found someone who specialized in the field and received help! Now for the tasks that I was afraid to do, I reached out by email or text message to my coworkers for assistance. I also removed the spirit of doubt, divorced the spirit of worry, and faced fear head on. Because I stepped out by faith, not knowing whether or not I’d receive a yes or no, or if I’d even get a reply, I now have a testimony. I was able to communicate effectively and book a big opportunity that could take my career to the next level. More info coming soon!!

Lastly, there were the tasks I kept putting off. For those tasks I decided to eliminate the excuses and just execute the work. I did that by removing distractions: phone conversations with no value and limiting social media. By removing these two interruptions, I can honestly say I completed more tasks this month! Looking over this month I am proud to say I realized I had the power to step out all along. Sometimes all we must do is MOVE!

Are you moving or being stagnant? Take time today and look over your goals and self-reflect. In what areas are you not meeting the mark? Don’t let procrastination or fear stop you. Just do it afraid!

If you are struggling in this area, I'd love to guide you.

Get a sheet of paper and make a timeline from December 2020 to now and write down everything you have accomplished thus far. If you are not satisfied, hit the Book Now button, so I can help you discover what your roadblocks are.

4 Steps To Achievement: Plan purposefully, prepare prayerfully, proceed positively, pursue persistently. -William Ward

Talk to you soon,

Coach Key

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