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Discerning the Times

A few weeks ago, me and my husband decided to change our bedroom set around. We moved my work desk by a different window in our bedroom, so now I seen our backyard from a different perspective. As I looked out the window I saw our fig tree and orange tree. I then asked, ”Lord, what do you want to show me?” He said, ”Do you remember when you was wondering why the orange tree wasn't bearing any fruit, but the fig tree had plenty of figs?” I replied, ”Yes!” He said, ”Look now, the orange tree is full of oranges and the fig tree doesn't have any figs.” I was in awe!!

He asked, ”Does that make the orange tree better than the fig tree.” I replied, ”No.” He reminded me during the spring to summer was the fig tree season to bear fruit. However, during the fall to winter was the orange tree season to bear it's fruit. So, I shouldn't look at other people's lives and judge them because we all have different seasons.

I learned a valuable lesson, don’t look at things carnally but look at them spiritually. Also, let's take the time today, and ask God to help us to discern the season we are in. Ask for a new perspective and eyes to see what the Holy Spirit is trying to show us.

Until then...

Love you💕


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