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Our Mission: The Topic is a show to influence, empower, and equip others in life, in the marketplace, and spiritually. The Topic is a show that will be touching on topics that others won't!!
Our Vision: To discuss topics that are happening nationwide, internationally, and spiritually. To show individuals across the globe that their voices can make a difference.

The Topic will premiere on October 6, 2022, CST on ROKU TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, & Apple TV  in over 200 million homes in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and over 100 countries.

We are now offering guest appearances, commercial slots, and branding opportunities for individuals looking to expand their brand and get global recognition. 


Are you ready to speak on our show and our platform and expose your brand to the homes of over 200 million viewers? On The Topic, you can give your opinion on certain topics and at the end of the episode, you will be allowed an elevator pitch advertising your products/services.

You can use this show to create content for social media marketing, get global exposure, and much more. We also offer 1-15 sec and 15-30second in broadcast commercials and in network slot commercial opportunities.


Perks of joining The Topic

•         Opportunity to expand your brand and increase your visibility globally in over 200 million homes

•         Increased credibility amongst peers and potential clients

•         Opportunities to promote your products and services

•         Live TV Show and/or VOD (video on demand) visibility

•         Featured in our network newsletter that will be sent to email subscribers for increased brand awareness

•         Marketing packages and promotional opportunities

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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